Mining Qualifications Authority spreads the word via a Z-CARD

The MQA is a registered Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) which facilitates skills development training for the mining and minerals sector, and conducts on-going research to identify scarce skills in the sector to develop suitable qualifications and unit standards. ‘Artisan and non-artisan learnerships, skills programmes, and Adult Education and Training are some of the programmes funded by the MQA,’ said the MQA’s CEO Sam Seepei.

‘These learning programmes are developed by subject matter experts and are offered by training providers that have been accredited by the MQA,’ he added.

The Z-CARD, initially designed by PocketMedia Solutions and thereafter updated by other service providers – the latest being Dots Design Agency – is distributed to various MQA stakeholders including human resources and government personnel, learners and unemployed individuals to provide them with an overview of the MQA’s core duties and responsibilities.

‘Based on its compact nature, our stakeholders are receptive to the concise format of the Z-CARD, as it offers a glance into the responsibilities and duties of each business. It is also portable and easy to carry,’ said Seepei.

‘Our staff members and stakeholders are quite surprised at the amount of information that can be included in the card, which has an eye-catching design and provides a good overview of the MQA without overwhelming the reader,’ he added.

The MQA offers bursaries to Grade 12 Maths and Science learners, who want to pursue careers in the mining and minerals sector. Graduates with mining-related qualifications can also gain work experience by participating in the MQA’s internship and work experience programmes. ‘We also support the inclusion of learners with disabilities, via our non-artisan learnerships,’ Seepei confirmed.