Nashua greens SA businesses from the inside out

For local businesses, constantly trying to drive profits in an unstable economy is already difficult enough without worrying about whether they’re doing their part to decrease their environmental impact. Simply knowing where to start with green office initiatives is a challenge all on its own.  However, few businesses realise that by simply using eco-conscious suppliers, they can significantly lessen their carbon footprint from the inside out. Nashua is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products and services while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint – and doing the same for its clients. Nashua uses leading-edge technology and proactive thinking to save both time and resources to transform offices into greener spaces. From the devices themselves and energy-saving functionality, to changing the way people work, Nashua takes a holistic view of the many small steps businesses can take to make a big change. Nashua ensures each and every one of its multifunction devices is manufactured with the most advanced green technology. Quick-start technology means most Nashua MFPs take just 20 seconds to warm up – significantly reducing energy consumption. Ultra-low sleep mode lessens energy consumption when a device is not in use, further reducing environmental impact. Automated power management ensures printers, fax machines and other equipment is automatically shut down at a pre-determined time, to avoid unnecessary power consumption. Nashua also helps clients lessen their carbon footprint by cutting the amount of paper they print while maintaining efficiency and productivity through Print Management Systems. These systems are specifically designed to change printing behaviour at employee level, drawing a user’s attention to unnecessary paper waste and energy usage. Intelligent device management software offered by Nashua also offers unique Green Reporting tools designed to expertly assist businesses in their efforts to monitor and reduce their environmental impact. This advanced tracking and reporting software allows organisations to carefully track their carbon emissions. Bulky servers are often responsible for increased energy consumption in office spaces – they generate heat and need lots of power to support their ‘always on’ functionality. Nashua’s Managed Document Solutions (MDS) eliminate the need for multiple servers, with centralised document and data storage to significantly reduce electricity consumption in large offices. As part of a commitment to greening their own business operations, Nashua recently began rolling out an innovative delivery solution, UTi ByBoxes, which is the first of its kind in the sector. Through a network of physical ‘drop boxes’, ByBoxes eliminates the need for extensive travel and wasted time ensuring the right parts are delivered to Nashua technicians at the right time across the country for seamless service delivery. Teleconferencing and remote network access goes a long way to reducing the emissions generated through travel and associated resources. Voice over IP (VoIP) technology allows businesses to connect – no matter where they are in the country, or the world. Nashua offers this service as part of their integrated business solutions.Nashua is also dedicated to supporting and encouraging the responsible and sustainable manufacture and efficient recycling and reuse of devices and parts. Nashua devices are manufactured with a ‘life-cycle’ approach, ensuring they’re fully recyclable. ‘As the market-leader in integrated office solutions, Nashua believes reducing the environmental impact of business is a core responsibility of modern, mindful businesses,’ said Nashua CEO Mark Taylor. ‘Nashua is proud to be at the forefront of green innovation in the workspace.’