The SA Print Directory On The UP

After a year of planning in 2011, Sentient Publishing saw the launch of The SA Print Directory in January 2012. This is a first for South Africa, as it is the most comprehensively categorised directory in the printing industry to-date. It covers over 150 categories of print. Not only does the directory cover print in all its formats, it uniquely covers the turnkey solution related to print. The directory contains suppliers who will facilitate all facets of a print job from design and print through to distribution. The SA Print Directory is endorsed by Printing SA, previously known as Printing Industries Federation of South Africa (PIFSA) which is the custodian and authority of the local printing industry. This high-quality, targeted business-to-business directory is published by Sentient Publishing which has been creating B 2 B publications for over twelve years and is best known for the Printer’s Contact Directory. The SA Print Directory is in line with Sentient Publishing’s philosophy, that media should be targeted, interactive and accountable. The SA Print Directory is a list of leading print professionals that make up the foundation of the printing industry. With more marketers, corporate communicators and packaging manufacturers shifting their ad spend to measurable and accountable media, there is a need for a comprehensive list of professional suppliers to the printing industry. The SA Print Directory is targeted at these decision-makers. The directory is printed annually and freely distributed to a target audience which forms a part of the major buyers of printed material across the country. It offers printers the ideal opportunity to list not only the company name, but the range of services they offer to a dedicated audience engaged in the process of looking for their services. Coupled with the printed version of the directory, is a state-of-the-art, interactive website.  This site has been designed with cutting-edge technology in order to allow the advertiser full access to their specific listings. This means that the advertiser can change, edit, and update their information on this site at any time and on-the-fly. Also, viewers of the site – that is the buyers of print – can find the right supplier for the required print job and request a quote online.  All of this is done by a simple click of the mouse. Visit to be truly inspired. The most impressive attribute which The SA Print Directory can boast is being an accountable media offering. All searches and requests on the site are logged and reports can be generated. This offers the advertiser real-time status of the number of visits they have had to their listing. To-date, there has been in excess of 418000 searches made on the site. Vikesh Roopchand, CEO of Sentient Publishing is thrilled with the success of The SA Print Directory 2012 and said, ‘This is probably the most popular directory of printers in Africa’. The SA Print Directory is now moving into its second year of publication, so for those who missed out in 2012, here is your chance to be listed in the 2013 edition. You too can benefit and see direct returns from the most popular directory of printers around. Contact Sentient Publishing on 011 475 5095, email or visit for more information.