Big bursary boost for supply chain skills development

The late SAPICS director, Reuben Badana, lived by the saying, ‘Anything is possible for those who believe’. This is the sentiment that which he used to help inspire the education of hundreds of supply chain professionals during his career. It’s for this reason that SAPICS has named its new R50 000 per annum bursary scheme after Badana. The bursary will help deserving students to become Certified Supply Chain Professionals (CSCP), as well as Certified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM). ‘As SAPICS we believe we have an important role to play in the development of supply chain professionals,’ said Gerard de Villiers, chairperson of the Supply Chain Management Education Excellence Awards (SCM|EEA) which is hosted by SAPICS. ‘By investing in supply chain skills, we indirectly play a role in bolstering the operations of businesses across a variety of sectors. It’s important for us to do out bit!’ The Reuben Badana Bursary is open for application to young, aspiring individuals who are already working within the Supply Chain and Operations Management Industry. ‘SAPICS will assess individual applicants to determine their current level of skills. Based on the outcome of the assessment and an understanding of where the individual would like to see their career progress in the field of SCM, we will develop a detailed learning path.’ The available courses and programmes will all be from the SAPICS/APICS suite of offerings. Requirements: Applicants must •Be SA residents and possess a South African Identify Document •Be between the ages of 25 and 35 years •Be literate in English and have basic numeracy skills •Be currently working in the field of Supply Chain Management The announcement of the successful beneficiaries of the bursary scheme will be made at the Supply Chain Management Education Excellence Awards, to be held in Johannesburg on 15 May 2013. The Reuben Badana bursary was established in commemoration of a valued colleague, educator and SAPICS director. Rueben Badana started his working career as a sweeper in a manufacturing plant, but he concluded it as a Senior Manager at a leading global software organisation. Reuben believed that nothing was impossible and that everyone had the right to learn, develop and improve themselves. During his career Reuben helped to educate hundreds of supply chain professionals. There are many more skilled professionals in the industry today thanks to Reuben. The Supply Chain Management Education Excellence Awards (SCM|EEA) event aims to recognise and honour companies and individuals who are contribute substantially to alleviating the global skills crisis in this profession. This year’s awards will be presented at a stylish event to be held at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg on 15 May 2014. The event is proudly hosted by SAPICS – your supply chain network.