Evolving technological needs in printing

Managed Print Services allows for companies to become better organised by increasing productivity while saving. Globally Managed Print Services increased 25 percent of annual revenue in the year of 2012, and 29 percent in 2013. Furthermore, it is expected to increase to a total 35 percent in 2014. There are five reasons which could help move IT to a Managed Print Service: •Halt Cost Overruns: Managed Print Services should proactively support companies and identify ways that will save the customer money, without compromising on the service provider. •More Time to Focus on Your Bottom Line: Managed Print Services allows for the daily maintenance allowing for your network to be taken care of, this gives IT departments time to focus its internal resources on strategic initiatives and company projects. •Ability to Upgrade Your Infrastructure: Network infrastructures are expected to be able to proficiently handle current services, as well as deliver new services that ensure certain corporate growth. •Gain Flexibility for Expansion: A Managed Print Service responds rapidly to evolving businesses and all the technological needs of modern businesses. •Green Initiatives: Managed Print Services provide companies with the opportunity of becoming more environmentally conscious and an increase in profits. As organisations discover ways to utilise cloud computing resources, cloud computing will increase and become a strategic part of a complete Managed Print Service, OKI encourages this substitution, where less really does become more with OKI. Managed Print Services should not restrict organisations only to mono or colour Managed Print Services, rather the managed service should extend to allow for productivity across all industrial spheres: medical, IT, and also graphic based industries which should ultimately ensure an increase in productivity while saving.