New mineral oil-free ink from Sunjet and Xaar for food packaging

SunJet, the inkjet ink division of Sun Chemical, and Xaar have collaborated on the development of IK822, Black MOF – a new mineral oil-free (MOF) ink that addresses food contamination fears. Over the past few years there have been growing concerns regar ding the contamination of food from inks used on secondary food packaging and the use of recycled packaging paperboard. The packaging industry is striving to avoid the use of materials and substances which contain mineral oil hydrocarbons. The new ink, IK822, Black MOF, is designed for use in secondary packaging applications such as barcoding on corrugated and other absorbent paper-based materials. Whilst proactively providing a solution ahead of potential legislation, the IK822 MOF ink has also been developed to meet Coding and Marking requirements. Containing premium grade pigment, the new ink delivers high quality and optical density on a wide range of porous substrates. IK822, Black MOF ink is approved and optimised for use with the Xaar 128 and Xaar 500 printheads which: •Ensures reliable and optimised digital print performance to maximise production uptime and throughput •Is optimised for print performance to ensure high drop placement accuracy, and optimal drop formation •Requires minimal printhead maintenance and is warranted against long-term damage to the printhead •Is differentiated from other non-warranted fluids which could potentially damage Xaar printheads •Is certified to work consistently and reliably for a year of heavy usage Ultimately, a Xaar-approved MOF ink provides Coding and Marking customers with the knowledge that the ink has been validated, approved and enhanced to give unrivalled print performance and trouble-free operation.