Remote Monitoring and Customised Cost Reduction

Managed Print Services allows businesses the advantage of increasing efficiencies, while reducing cost. The overall cost reduction is evident in the short term and sustainable long term, with even great cost reduction rewards. Managed Print Services also identifies all the hidden printing cost, and eliminates unnecessary costs printing costs for further cost reduction. The identification and elimination process of these costs, through Managed Print Services, would design a customised savings plan to help businesses clearly identify these savings.

Managed Print Services improves productivity, and allows IT employees to focus on other important business needs as your printing fleet will be effortlessly ensured for successful printing hassle free. Research indicates that globally, a total of 40 percent of the calls that are put through to the IT desk are printer/copiers related enquiries. Printing fleets require continuous monitoring to uncover additional cost-reduction opportunities for the business. This fleet monitoring process requires that printing fleets are changed overtime.

The initial fleet optimisation includes: hardware, services and supplies installation or redeployment to consolidate devices, to ensure maximum productivity, while lowering operating costs for the business. With remote monitoring, supplies and services are automatically dispatched to the business location where they are needed; this increases productivity and decreases downtime.


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