Tetra Pak launches Tetra Alsafe for ESL

Tetra Pak, the food processing and packaging solutions business, has launched the Tetra Alsafe for extended shelf life (ESL) production.

The new product, a market first, is an automated tank with constant temperature control that preserves product quality between processing and packaging and completes the company’s offering for production of extended shelf-life (ESL) products with full line quality control.

‘ESL products, which are distributed under chilled conditions with a shelf life of up to 30 days, are gaining popularity among consumers and selling at a premium,’ said Penny Ntuli, communications director at Tetra Pak, sub-Sahara Africa.

Retailers and producers appreciate them because the longer shelf life makes planning and stocking easier than pasteurised products that require refrigeration.

However, ESL products must be carefully produced to ensure temperatures remain within acceptable limits during packaging. Tetra Alsafe for ESL production solves the problem by continuously circulating the filling line so product remains chilled even during line stops. Continuous refrigeration eliminates the risk of bacteria growth.

‘ESL products open up a major growth opportunity for customers across the entire food and drinks industry. With the innovation of Tetra Alsafe for ESL, we are pleased to be the first company to support our customers with an integrated ESL production solution and full line quality assurance,’ said Kresten Hjortsballe, global category director dairy at Tetra Pak.

Tetra Alsafe for ESL can be combined with a wide range of Tetra Pak ESL processing, buffering, filling, packaging and automation machines, providing customers with tailor-made solutions to process white milk.