Tetra Pak sponsors FSC’s ‘In Good Company 2015’

Tetra Pak is supporting In Good Company 2015, the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) International’s global platform to engage organisations working with corporate social responsibility, sustainability and FSC. In Good Company was established in 2011 to celebrate the International year of Forests and has subsequently grown a broad range of sustainability-related topics close to Tetra Pak’s own brand promise: Protects What’s Good. ‘I believe that sustainability is the new marketing,’ said Rodney Reynders, Cluster Leader Environment – Greater Middle East and Africa, Tetra Pak. ‘It’s about a brand or a company being responsible for everything that they do.’ The event typically includes a plenary session with panel and presentations, and workshops on topics of relevance to participants. Previous events have included field trips to FSC-certified forests. Reynders is a keynote speaker at this year’s event, held in Durban, South Africa, starting on September 7, and will highlight case studies and trends on how to engage consumers and stimulate demand. He has been a key protagonist for sustainability at Tetra Pak for the past five years, has extensive experience in marketing and sales, particularly in recycling, has helped numerous small to medium enterprises develop sales and marketing strategies, and holds a BCom degree in Commerce Marketing. FSC is a global, non-profit forest management and chain of custody brand that is credible and trusted by consumers and 29 600 certificate holders. Over 183 million hectares of forest are FSC-certified worldwide. The first FSC certification was granted in South Africa in 1997 and there are 417 certificates across 19 African countries. Certificate holders range in industry from printing, packaging, paper mills, paper manufacturing and logging to wood charcoal, wood furniture, and various wood products. FSC also has 121 members from Africa who participate in decision-making and governance of the organisation. Our brand promise of Protects What’s Good encapsulates three components,’ said Reynders. ‘Food, people, and the future. We do that through food safety, protecting people and society, and protecting customer businesses and the environment.’ Tetra Pak is one of the largest leading food processing and packaging solutions businesses in the world and provides safe, innovative and environmentally sound dairy, food and beverage carton packaging products to 175 countries with a vision to make food safe and available everywhere.