Symposium in Berlin on the Future of Digital Package Printing

Digital processes are gaining more and more popularity in package printing as well. Market researchers of Smithers Pira estimate the current sales volume of digital package printing at USD 10.5 billion and a yearly growth rate of 13.6 percent until the decade’s end. The forecast expects digital printing to move out of its niche within the next decade and to become established more and more in the packaging sector, and that it will consequently change other parts of the process chain of package printing. This is reason enough to take a closer look at market development, its technological drivers, and ensuing consequences for users and mechanical engineers. In this spirit, Smithers Pira and the PrintPromotion GmbH has issued an invite to a symposium, ‘Digital Print for Packaging’ in Berlin on 8 and 9 December 2015. Venue will be the hotel Meliá Berlin, Friedrichstraße 103, 10117 Berlin. The symposium will bring together representatives of leading branded companies from the food, pharma, and consumer goods sectors, experts from retailing, stakeholders of the packaging industry, and manufacturers of printing and paper technology. ‘The Digital Print for Packaging is an established format, and so far, its conferences in the USA and Great Britain have each brought together more than a 100 experts from all sectors of the value chain,’ said Dr. Markus Heering, managing director of the PrintPromotion GmbH. Possibilities for exchange across all sectors on the future of package printing is of high interest to mechanical engineers in printing and paper technology. Therefore, he explained, PrintPromotion has taken on the symposium’s non-material project management. As a non-profit organization closely linked to the Printing and Paper Association within VDMA, PrintPromotion has been supporting marketing, networking, and education on printing technology all around the world for more than 40 years. Apart from practical questions like implementation of digital printing technologies in process chains, the agenda of Digitial Print for Packaging 2015 includes growing diversification of applications and substrates. In particular, digital print on plastics, glass, and metals is considered to be a rapidly growing segment. There will also be a focus on digital finishing of cardboard and paperboard as well as on the trend towards personalization of products. This is closely related to the question of how the head-to-head competition of inkjet- and toner-based technologies will continue to develop. Best-practice examples will complete the agenda, as printing machine manufacturers will report together with clients of the consumer goods sector. Next to the conference website in English,, PrintPromotion has created a twitter channel for Digital Print for Packaging 2015. This can be found through Interested parties are also invited to register via PrintPromotion for the symposium with a remarkable early registration discount. On demand, you can receive a discount code with a price advantage of 15 percent at