On-demand newsstand prints newspapers and magazines while you wait

Ricoh’s printing technology has been selected for Meganews, the world’s first print on demand newsstand, providing an innovative way to print and sell a range of titles. Meganews is a newspaper vending machine with Internet access that prints, in real time, over 200 magazines and journals and takes just two minutes. ‘Meganews reduces publishers’ costs for distribution and logistics,’ said Tian Horn, executive GM responsible for direct sales operations, including production printing and software at Ricoh SA. ‘It is also more environmentally responsible and saves on transportation and the product is a direct response to the growing need for on-demand printing.’ Swedish journalist and TV profile Lars Adaktusson, his brother Hans and their company Meganews Sweden initiated the concept. Ricoh supplied the technology, while Sweco created the software, card terminal and screens. The stand was designed by LA + B. According to a survey conducted by the research institute Innventia, called Life Cycle Assessment gives green light for new media solution, on behalf of Meganews Magazines, fossil greenhouse gases generated during the life cycle of a magazine printed in a Meganews kiosk are approximately 60 per cent lower, compared to a title printed and distributed in the traditional way. The reason for this is that 40 per cent of traditionally printed journals are not sold, must be returned and go directly to recycling. A number of Sweden’s leading publishers are participating in the project, including Bonnier Tidskrifter, Aller Media, Albinson & Sjöberg, LRF Media, IDG, Talentum and Medströms. ‘Purchases are made on screen using a credit card, ensuring convenient and secure transactions,’ said Horn. During the next six months the stand will be tested in airports, hotels, hospitals, grocery stores and other malls across the country.