PackMark launches new high-definition coding solution

New amendments to food labelling laws, mean that manufacturers are subject to more stringent regulations – specifically pertaining to the ‘Date of Durability on Food Stuffs’. The legislation states that all food products must contain a clear and visible date mark, and manufacturers need to therefore, be more conscientious and cautious about how clearly their goods are marked. Enter the latest offering from PyrotecPackMark: the Markem-Image 7031HD Laser Coder. The 7031HD, a high-definition version of the popular 7031, provides permanent, high-quality date coding to a very wide coding area. The 7031HD has been designed to work in the most demanding production environments, and the high power vector technology is well suited to scribe on foil, like that used for yoghurts and stick packs. Brandon Pearce, General Manager of PyrotecPackMark, commented, ‘Laser coding is an option ideally suited for BOPP (bi-axially oriented polypropylene) foils, notoriously known as a substrate where printed date codes can be all-too-easily removed. Laser offers a permanent solution that allows manufacturers to guarantee traceability and thus maintain product integrity.’ The Markem-Image7031HD Laser Coder offers high-performance coding at up to 800 products per minute, while its internal cooling system ensures production uptime and reduces operating costs, as no air is required. Its innovative modular design comprises of three separate components: controller, cable and a laser head that boasts a 90 degree laser beam orientation and ultra-flexible interconnecting cable. A further benefit is that the coder does not require expensive and messy consumables, meaning that costs are reduced in the long run. But the 7031HD is not only expertly designed – it is user-friendly too. ‘A large colour touchscreen display with intuitive icons and shortcuts allows for easy operation, while safety features like an emergency stop button and standard USB port for easy message loading and Ethernet connectivity are easily accessible,’ explained Pearce. The 7031HD is available with a wide choice of lenses. It is also available with the CoLOS Networking software pre-installed, allowing for centralised production data management and control of multiple laser heads. The additional energy density of source results in impeccable high contrast and high resolution codes. ‘With the technological advances evident in the 7031HD, manufacturers can be assured of a high-definition, permanent date and batch coding solution that produces high-visibility date codes. The improved performance attributes of the coder ensure a streamlined production line with minimal downtime and decreased costs,’ concluded Pearce.