Paprint – Improving Lives while playing Golf


The Printing Industry cares. This comment was made by Raymond Blake, president of the Paprint Golf Society when handing over the cheques for R12500.00 each to the three charities selected as beneficiaries of the funds raised at the four Paprint Golf Days held during 2013.


The Paprint Golf Society was formed 66 years ago with the aim of helping those who are less fortunate while at the same time giving the members of the Society a fun way to generate the funds. Golf is a popular activity in the hustle and bustle world of printing. It offers those who play the ability to unwind, put the cares of the office or plant behind them for a while and, socialise with likeminded people.


The charities who were selected to benefit from the four golf days included Nazareth House, Little Eden and the South African Cystic Fibrosis Association – all charities who rely heavily on donations and fund-raising to continue the good work they do. The aim of a golf day is to charge a reasonable amount for the fourballs and sponsorships and then to pay the lowest possible amount for the actual golf day so as to maximise the amount that can be raised for the charities.


With the golf days over and the funds accumulated, The Paprint Golf Society was able to amass R37500.00 to be divided equally among the charities. On 10 December Raymond visited the various charities to hand over the funds raised and to find out a bit more about what each of them does in their respective communities.


Nazareth House is owned and run by the Sisters of Nazareth, a Catholic religious order of nuns which was founded in England in 1857 and came to Johannesburg in 1894. The Sisters and staff care for 30 HIV+ orphans, 22 adults, terminally ill Aids patients, 100 frail aged and 10 mentally challenged women. Most of the residents of Nazareth House can no longer adequately care for themselves or be maintained by the community. Nazareth House also runs a clinic for over three thousand patients from the local community. A full-time TB Hospice assists those who have contracted this terrible disease. The hospice has around a 99 percent recovery rate and can house 20 people at any given time.


Nazareth House strives to provide the children with as normal a life as possible. They attend the local nursery and primary schools, have fun playing in the gardens, riding bikes, going on outings, baking cakes, reading, watching TV and listening to music. (Some even receive horse-riding lessons, through the generosity of a benefactor.)


In addition to the large assisted living areas and wards at Nazareth House, there are independent living quarters where elderly people live in self-sufficient flats. They have access to all the amenities including medical assistance.


According to senior fundraiser Tenty Thomsen, Nazareth House relies extensively on donations and financial assistance. All running expenses come from the rent paid by those living in the independent living quarters and by donations from organisations and individuals. During Raymond’s visit and tour around the facilities, it became clear that the washing machine in the Hospice laundry was not working properly and was in urgent need of repairs or replacement.


For more information on Nazareth House call 011 648 1002 or visit


Little Eden Society for the Care of Persons with Mental Handicap assists people of all ages who are profoundly mentally or physically handicapped and who cannot care for themselves. The average age of the patients is 20 years but in mental terms the average age is around one year old. While many of the patients are able to carry out basic day-to-day tasks, others are not even able to handle the most basic functions such as feeding themselves.


Little Eden was founded in 1967 as a day care facility for mentally challenged children and by 1980 was a permanent home for 300 children and adults situated on a 43 hectare farm in Bapsfontein. Unfortunately, Raymond was not able to visit the Little Eden facility in order to hand over the cheque so the funds were transferred electronically. For more information on Little Eden contact 011 609 7246 or visit


The South Africa Cystic Fibrosis Association believes that patients have the right to receive the best possible treatment, which is highly specialised and expensive. Contrary to the theoretical number of thousands of patients, there are currently 700 diagnosed Cystic Fibrosis patients in South Africa which means that it is a seriously under-diagnosed disorder. Government cuts in subsidisation have made it essential for the Association to raise funds to support and improve the Cystic Fibrosis clinics. It also assists families who are not able to afford the essential equipment necessary for on-going treatment. Cystic Fibrosis affects the lungs of sufferers and can have life-threatening consequences.


Raymond presented the funds to Alan Dunn chairperson of the Gauteng chapter of the Association. For more information on the South African Cystic Fibrosis Association contact Alan on 083 285 5853 or for visit


All three charities were extremely grateful for the assistance from the Paprint Golf Society. Raymond added, ‘It was really heartening to know that the funds raised during at the four golf days will be going to help such worthwhile organisations. Although it is a small amount for each charity, every little helps. The Paprint Golf Society would like to ask if anyone is interested in making donations to any of these charities they can do so by depositing the money in the Paprint Account and using the name of the charity as the reference and we will transfer the money along with whatever funds we manage to raise next year.’


The Paprint Golf Society has already put plans in place for four golf days to be held in 2014. Raymond concluded, ‘We hope that more companies and individuals will join in the fun of a round of golf or two and assist us in generating even more funds for these very deserving charities.’


Deposits can be made into the following bank account:

Paprint Golf Society

Standard Bank Bedford Gardens

Acc No: 220116709

Branch Code: 018305

Use the charity of your choice and your company name as the reference and send the proof of payment to You can also use the same address if you would like