Agfa Graphics solutions for inkjet printing at InPrint 2014

At InPrint (Industrial Print Show – Hannover, Germany April 8-10, 2014), Agfa Graphics addresses new industrial print applications with its industrial inkjet inks and inkjet printing systems, hardware as well as software, thereby using its experience with UV inkjet ink formulations that can be tuned to specific applications.

‘Agfa Graphics will be exhibiting at InPrint 2014 in Hannover as a founder sponsor. This underlines how important the industrial sector is as an area for innovation and future growth,’ said Tom Cloots, Industrial Print Marketing Manager, Agfa Graphics. "The co-location with the Hannover Industrie Messe truly provides an excellent opportunity to connect with a community of industry leaders. Our industry specific UV ink formulations are the cornerstone of our new business offering, and we look forward to connecting with new manufacturing decision makers at InPrint 2014.”

Thanks to its versatility, inkjet technology enables businesses to integrate printing technology into their industrial manufacturing lines, to assist the function, decoration or manufacturing of the device. Think of applications such as decor and laminate, printing on glass, appliances and objects, cars, textiles, that all impose specific characteristics on the ink and the printing system.

Agfa has become an important ink supplier to integrators that offer such production systems including inkjet printing. Agfa’s position in the industrial print market benefits from its long-time and vested position in digital printing. Agfa Graphics’ workflow management solutions also play a major role in the production processes, especially with respect to colour management, variable data printing and pre-flighting.

On Thursday, 10 April, Marc Graindourze, Marketing Manager Industrial Inks, will speak about Agfa Graphics’ industrial inkjet inks for industrial applications, in particular concerning direct printing on objects and packaging using low-migration inkjet inks.