LanDynamix takes Graphica to Cloud Nine

LanDynamix recently completed a project to move the applications and infrastructure of its client, Graphica, into the cloud. The project has already resulted in significant benefits for Graphica, a specialist packaging company.

Peter Clark

Simon Grose, MD of Graphica, said not having to maintain and manage a dedicated on-premise server room is a huge boon. ‘With all the corporate data now resident in the cloud, it also much easier for employees to access the information they need, no matter where they happen to be — it is also much easier to collaborate,’ he said. ‘We have also seen cost savings.’ ‘By providing ICT as a managed service from end to end, we are essentially able to create a utility-like effect for Graphica. ICT becomes a service that complements what the business is doing, and is flexible enough to adapt to its changing needs,’ said Peter Clarke, MD of LanDynamix.

This project is the latest in a relationship that began when LanDynamix provided a voice and data solution for Graphica when it moved into new premises in Dunkeld, Johannesburg. The company’s business is heavily dependent on its ability to service clients through either voice or data channels — this means not only high-quality communication links but quick access to back-office files in order to obtain stock details. Having successfully implemented the voice and data solution, LanDynamix then took over the company’s infrastructure and software plus a related project to conduct an audit of both areas in the company in order to move everybody onto the same standard.

The benefits of this include better tech support that can be delivered remotely — Graphica no longer needs an onsite technical resource. Service requests are logged by e-mail and fulfilled remotely; in similar vein, new equipment can be ordered with ease. Standardisation also means that everybody is working on the same software, greatly promoting collaboration. Only one licence is needed, and updates are much easier to manage.

Graphica’s Grose added that the relationship with LanDynamix has delivered significant benefits to-date. ‘I would highlight the increased efficiencies that come with their service model and the cost savings,’ he said. ‘But I’m particularly glad that we have technology experts in our corner who will ensure we don’t fall behind in this fast-moving space.’