Understanding and Anticipating Changes in Customer Printing

On behalf of the Fp&m Seta, Printing SA aims to compile an industry growth strategy, which requires market input. Following an initial piece of research conducted by BMi Research’s Market Quantification team at the end of 2019, a further study was conducted in early 2020 with the focus shifting to a different portion of the market. Printing SA needs information around customer needs, wants and perceptions.

The key objective was to understand past, present and future changes in printing requirements from the customer’s perspective. Further objectives included:

– Understanding the budget for printing

– Customers’ prioritisation of print versus online

– Reasons for selection of a print provider

– Products customers choose to print

– Identifying a printing supplier

– In-house vs outsourced printing patterns

– Preference between one and multiple providers

– Awareness and effect of industry accreditation


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