Introduce digital flexibility with the HP Indigo 35K

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The world of folding carton packaging is changing at unprecedented speed. Are you equipped to keep up with changing consumer demand and the need for converters to be more agile and flexible than ever before?

Meeting customer demands and growing your business requires a new level of innovation. To succeed, you need to be able to respond quickly to changing demands, and meet them in a rapid, cost-effective way.

Product lifecycles are shrinking, thanks in part to the increased personalisation, limited-edition products and seasonal specials demanded by today’s consumers. Wafer-thin margins in modern manufacturing and marketing add to the just-in-time delivery pressure.

What is needed is a digital printing press that’s optimised for production efficiency and that permits seamless transitions between jobs, no matter how short they may be. That press is the HP Indigo 35K.

Equipped to facilitate the transition to a digital mindset, the HP Indigo 35K has a range of features intended to make your converting business more dynamic and more agile. In this way, you can position yourself to take advantage of even the most challenging situations and turn every near-impossible demand into an opportunity to grow your business and boost your revenue.

Combined with rich, sharp, offset-quality output, this B2 digital printing press offers you infinite possibilities for high-value short runs. Benefit from key capabilities including:

 40% increase in productivity over conventional offset presses

.   Vast media range

.    Seamless transitions between media sources

.    Non-stop production – even when switching between jobs

.    97% Pantone gamut

  Highly accurate spot varnishing

.    Up to 1 million B2 sheets per month.

.    Smooth paper flow technology


To learn more about how you can use the HP Indigo 35K digital printing press to exceed brand expectations and delight consumers, visit or contact Carl Zerle: or (+27) 083 632 3232.