New Primera PRO saddle stitcher: the three-knife trimmer is fully automated

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Manual intervention is a thing of the past with the three-knife trimmer of the new Primera PRO saddle stitcher

Just one month after launching the Prinova, which has a capacity of 9,000 cycles per hour, Muller Martini doubled its output and in November launched a second new saddle stitcher, the Primera PRO. One of the highlights of the 14,000 cycle machine is its completely redesigned, variable-thickness three-knife trimmer.

The three-knife trimmer of the Primera PRO is fully automated. Thanks to advanced Motion Control technology and servo drives, each of its format axes can be individually adjusted in case of any corrections – without compromise and without affecting other axes. In addition, no brushes are needed for product guidance, only belts. These do not need to be adjusted – everything happens automatically.