Over 1.4 million reasons why The SA Print Directory will work for you

As a member of the printing, packaging and allied industries, you have seen your volumes declining because of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many of you, things are at a point where it is an ongoing battle to keep your doors open to see another day. This leaves you in the situation of having to look for work to make up the shortfall. How much easier will your life be if the work comes looking for you and all you have to do is to answer an email?  The SA Print Directory offers you this one-stop solution.

The SA Print Directory is a directory of printers and associated suppliers, which is now in its eighth year of existence, and it has seen year-on-year growth with each published edition. In spite of our country going into a hard lockdown in March last year and with business slowing down thereafter, the website had over 1,489,000 views for 2020.

Advertisers select the services they are capable of offering from a growing list, which currently makes up over 160 categories. They place their listing in the printed directory as well as onto the linked interactive website. The rest is up to the people in the print-buying community to search for a supplier of the print work that they need to have done.

When searching for a type of printed job, visitors to the site simply have to click on the relevant letter of the alphabet, for example, “B” for Business Cards, and this will bring up a list of all the job types that fall under that letter. Nothing can be easier!

Once the correct category/product has been selected, the visitor can view a brief description of each listed company. Users have the option of either looking for printers on a national level or to refine their search to suppliers in their own major cities. They can also view an expanded description of an individual supplier by clicking on the “Read more” option – giving them the ability to make a more informed decision. Users can send a single email to all of the listed companies in that category and request that they be contacted. This simplifies the process for print buyers and ensures that listed printers are included in contact requests.

As the printer or service provider, the onus falls on you to make contact with those people, who have submitted a request for contact via the website. Once the opportunity of achieving a new customer has been presented, the directory has served its purpose. Until the next time.


Contact sales@sentientpublishing.co.za and don’t miss out – every email received can potentially be your next customer looking for you.