Updating your website – Why is it important?

By Jonathan Bergman, Director of Marketing – CMTrading

Ensuring that your website is user-friendly and functional in our current climate is an absolute necessity. The world has changed and more people are looking for answers online. It is where people shop, communicate and work. Consider that websites are the modern equivalents of shop windows. Can you imagine a fashion shop that simply left the same clothing display in the window for months on end? That would not go very far in enticing potential foot traffic into the store.

Similarly, in order to keep generating traffic to your website, it is imperative to show that you are moving with the times and providing your users with the best interactive experience possible. One of the key considerations when creating a website is the mobile generation. There are more smartphones in the world than there are people – and I think that sums up the undeniable need for mobile-friendly websites.

People in the modern world expect to be able to do everything on-the-go and from the devices of their choice. A “mobile first” experience is essential in keeping your audience engaged online. If the user interface on your site is not mobile-friendly, you have lost them already.

Simplicity and ease are the best places to start. Begin with top-line messaging, backed up by a strong USP (Unique Sales Proposition) and adapt and grow as you go. Stay abreast of the latest trends, which comply with Google policy, and research terms that are widely searched in your line of business, strategically placing them in the copy on your site (for Search Engine optimisation or ‘SEO’). This will help you stand out on Google search.

A visible font size and readability are both absolute must-haves and having unique and informative content provides value for the user, which will make them more likely to return to your site. To streamline content and make it easier for visitors to consume and understand, video is a simple fix that will keep your audience engaged.

It is also all good and well if a site looks good on the surface, but the technology on the backend needs to ensure that your site’s performance is on point. Coding methods are constantly being updated to improve performance, and better performance means a better user experience, which is what every website host should be striving for – no matter what the user’s device of choice is.

To summarise: better navigation, site speed, performance and a mobile-first approach, supported by eye-catching colour and design are the keys to every unique browser’s heart. Simply having a website is not enough; it must provide answers to whatever questions a browser has, as quickly and simply as possible. First and foremost, remember that the website’s primary function is to serve its audience – before it does anything else.