OneCircle announces new partnership with French collection partner ELISE Alsace

OneCircle, producer of the KeyKeg® and the UniKeg®, is proud to present their latest partnership with collection partner ELISE Alsace; experts in collecting and recycling all types of waste. ELISE Alsace will be collecting used KeyKegs® throughout the Alsace region, which will later be recycled to fulfil their circular design and re-used into new KeyKegs®. The collaboration with ELISE Alsace further expands the established collection community within France.

OneCircle and ELISE Alsace are connected by their shared goals and environmentally responsible vision. ELISE Alsace is committed to the circular economy and will work hard to ensure that the raw materials are recycled to the greatest possible extent. As part of our collection partners network, ELISE Alsace will collect empty KeyKegs®, separate the different parts and press the kegs into bales in preparation for the recycling process.

After the bales are pressed and picked up from the ELISE Alsace site, they will be brought to a recycling partner to start the processing of raw materials. Through progressive action and commitment to sustainability OneCircle and ELISE Alsace will work together to provide an improved operation into a cleaner future.

Ever since its foundation in 1997, Group ELISE has grown into a pioneering company with a large network of partners, who actively participate in the protection of the environment. ELISE Alsace is active in the Alsace region of France, near the German border. Specialising in recycling office waste, washing plastic pallets, and more ELISE Alsace will focus on the disassembly and crushing of the KeyKegs®. As part of the ELISE group, ELISE Alsace believes in equal opportunities within the labour market and has created numerous jobs for people with disabilities in the southern Euro metropole.

ELISE Alsace states: ‘Our association, Savoir et Compétences, has always had the objective of associating the integration of people with difficulties or handicaps with that of environmental protection. So when we were asked to start the ELISE franchise, it was an obvious environmental and social choice. Our association with OneCircle further strengthens our desire to collect and sort all waste produced by companies. We are therefore happy to participate in this recycling challenge with OneCircle and we hope that this partnership will enable an increase in the collection and recycling rate of KeyKegs.’

Mariska Musch, Account Manager of OneCircle in France, states: ‘France is an important market for OneCircle. This announcement marks a significant step in building our community of collection partners to serve breweries and wineries across the country and help promote our commitment to the circular economy.’

‘Our collection partners are essential for circular design and the recycling process of the KeyKeg®. They provide the greatest support and inspire us to work harder and push further for sustainability within the beverage industry. Thanks to our partners, OneCircle was able to make ambitious leaps forward, increasing the recycled material content of the KeyKeg® from 30% to 45%.’

OneCircle takes responsibility for the end-life of their kegs and continues to add new collection partners in new territories to drive our mission forward. Each new partner is another step in the right direction, with our message and products increasingly circling the globe.