Nu-Maber updates its flexo plate processing line with the latest Asahi photoproducts technology

Asahi Photoproducts, one of the pioneers in flexographic photopolymer plate development, has reported that leading Italian-based repro house Nu-Maber, serving the flexo prepress market in Italy since 1978, has updated its flexo plate processing line with the latest technology from Asahi Photoproducts, including Asahi AWP™-DEW water-washable CleanPrint plates and an Asahi AWP™-4260 PLF automated inline processor with processing, drying and light finishing.

This new configuration is Industry 4.0 compatible with remote maintenance and support capability, including Smart Glass option for the ultimate in modern remote support technology. Asahi AWP™-DEW water-washable plates are ideal for the highest quality flexographic applications, including flexible packaging and labels and are designed to move away from VOC washout solvent based plate processing, offering a cleaner alternative to the flexo industry.

‘Nu-Maber and Asahi have been partnering for more than 30 years,’ said Livio Simionato, Nu-Maber’s CEO. ‘We were the first in Italy to adopt in Asahi’s AWP™ water-wash technology, and our customers have appreciated the quality, productivity and eco footprint of these plates. With the new line we installed, we have increased our throughput and dramatically reduced intermediate steps and operator intervention. With the AWP™-DEW plates, we are bringing new benefits to our customers across the board, in the narrow-, medium- and wide-web flexo markets. We are excited about the continued innovations we see from Asahi and look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.’

The AWP™-4260 PLF is the latest flagship generation automated inline processor designed for AWP™-DEW water-washable CleanPrint plates. It is composed of an automatic punching device, a processor, an air knife and a light finisher. The automatic line doubles the washout speed compared to the previous machines using AWP™-DEF. It is designed to process water-washable AWP™-DEW plates in two standard formats: 1200×900 mm (48×36 inches) or 1067×1524 mm (42×60 inches) with a thickness from 1,14 to 1,70 mm. AWP™ water-wash technology delivers the smallest carbon footprint from cradle to grave when compared to alternative platemaking technologies.

Simionato notes that Asahi’s AWP™-DEW CleanPrint plates are more durable, have better ink transfer for cleaner print, and have a low environmental impact when compared to the competition. The plates ensure rapid run-up on the press to deliver excellent print quality and minimal waste. Asahi AWP™-DEW CleanPrint plates have been specifically developed by Asahi chemical engineers to transfer remaining ink to the printed substrate, reducing press stops for plate cleaning while delivering exceptional consistent quality throughout the entire run and boosting OEE in the pressroom.