Toly and Sulapac form alliance for sustainable innovation

Toly and Sulapac are delighted to announce that they have entered into a business partnership to be able to offer unique and disruptive solutions to accelerate growth in today’s eco-centric, beauty world.

Toly is a purpose-driven brand for brands with a strong sustainable commitment and long, impressive history working with well-known cosmetics companies since the 1950s. The multinational packaging supplier is constantly finding new means to develop more sustainable packaging, whilst sourcing more eco-friendly materials.

‘The future of packaging is to be more sustainable and partnering with Sulapac on bio-based materials is an excellent addition to our platform,’ says Andy Gatesy, Chairman and CEO of Toly.

Sulapac is a company that has developed a material made from wood and plant-based binders as an environmentally friendly alternative. This 100% bio-based material biodegrades fully without leaving any permanent microplastics behind.

‘Sulapac’s mission is to accelerate the plastic waste-free future, and leading global manufacturer Toly is a great addition to our partner network of sustainable forerunners.  Together, we provide an even more versatile portfolio of beautiful, functional and sustainable packaging,’ says Dr. Suvi Haimi, CEO, and co-founder of Sulapac.

The leading suppliers took the decision to join forces to align both companies with their long-term vision of delivering new sustainable and innovative solutions.

Sulapac material is compatible to use with many of Toly’s existing stock tools, making this a perfect match for introducing sustainable innovation – a key element, in today’s industry. The launch product for this strategic match is Toly’s popular stock Infinity line of compacts, which is now available worldwide.