Kornit Digital connects Canva’s extensive creative community with global on-demand production

Kornit Digital, one of the global leaders in digital textile printing technology, have announced a new partnership with online visual communications and design platform Canva.

As part of the partnership, KornitX, the world’s leading operating system for on-demand sustainable fashion, will become one of Canva’s first certified integration partners, empowering Canva to help leading Print Service Providers (PSPs), brands, and organisations easily add the Canva design tool to their e-commerce websites, making it easier to create personalised products from design, to order, to product fulfillment in minutes. KornitX will also manage and route all orders through Kornit’s extensive global fulfillment network. Canva’s online visual communications platform currently serves more than 55 million private and enterprise users globally.

‘It is Canva’s mission to empower the world to design and allow anyone to create whatever they can imagine, fulfilling the promise of what a digitised, connected community of creators can do,’ said Aaron Day, Global Partnership Lead at Canva. ‘In this, we find common cause with Kornit’s long-time dedication to self-expression on demand and enabling their customers to use sustainable means to deliver brilliant designs for many applications. By making their technology accessible to our customers, we ensure our users will leave their colorful mark upon the textile world.’

‘At KornitX, we are becoming the operating system for sustainable, on-demand production. Canva’s vast, growing global user community reflects a staggering demand for customised impressions — imagination made possible by the wonders of digital,’ said Omer Kulka, Kornit Digital CMO. ‘People want to create, they want their creations quickly, and they want unlimited possibilities, which is where this synergy between KornitX and Canva will create boundless opportunities. We are proud to have teamed with a global leader in visual communications, to bring designs to life with speed, quality, and reliability.’