Mimaki and Brett Martin seal successful relationship

Brett Martin is pleased to announce that Mimaki Europe BV, manufacturer of large format printing equipment, is the latest company to join its Approved Partner Programme. Although the two companies have worked together for years – with Brett Martin providing substrates for Mimaki’s demo centre and exhibitions, as well as taking part in Mimaki’s webinars during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown – the two parties have never formalised the relationship.

The announcement follows a successful print test of Brett Martin’s 3mm Foamalux Light on Mimaki’s JFX200-2513 EX large format UV flatbed printer, which was carried out at Mimaki’s demo centre in The Netherlands. The company also uses Brett Martin’s Marpet-g FS at its demo centre to showcase the performance of its thermoformable inks.

Mark Sollman, Product Manager EMEA, explained the long-standing relationship between the two companies, ‘Over the years, we have often used Brett Martin’s products in our demo centre and at exhibitions to prove the performance of our ink and equipment to our potential customers. We know that these products provide a reliable, repeatable substrate which allows us to get the best out of our equipment.’

The companies’ collaboration is part of Brett Martin’s Approved Partner Programme. The Northern Ireland based plastics manufacturer works closely with a number of renowned printing and cutting machine manufacturers to test and showcase the capabilities of its semi-finished product portfolio.

Simona Firth, semi-finished Product Manager, added, ‘Our Approved Partner Programme is central to our product strategy. It is important for us to work alongside companies such as Mimaki, to keep in touch with how our products are processed and prove to the market that our products are compatible with the most popular large format printers and cutting machines available.’