NUtec offers Diamond inks for Roland® Eco-Sol MAX2 printing

NUtec Digital Ink, one of the leading manufacturers of digital ink, now offers an alternative ink range for Roland® Eco-Sol MAX and MAX2 users in the form of its Diamond eco-solvent product range.

The Diamond D10-ESM eco-solvent ink is designed as a back-to-back replacement for Roland® Eco-Sol MAX™ ink, while the D10-ESM2 is designed to replace the Roland® Eco-Sol MAX2™ inkset.

Both products offer superior abrasion and chemical resistance while providing excellent media compatibility across a broad range of self-adhesive and flexible substrates.

NUtec’s Diamond ESM and ESM2 inks are chemically & colour matched to the OEM inks, requiring no flushing or profiling when converting from the original. This low smell, fast drying eco-solvent ink range offers an expanded colour gamut with the availability of light colours including light black and is available in various bottle, cartridge and pouch configurations.

The D10-ESM and D10-ESM2 inks offer excellent outdoor durability with a lifespan of two years for the printed images, provided the inks are used in regular applications, using suitable substrates.

‘Even in high-speed print modes, our Diamond eco-solvent ESM and ESM2 inks deliver reliable print results with vivid, photo-realistic images and are recommended for applications such as vinyl outdoor banners, point-of-sale signage, window decals and wall graphics,’ says NUtec Digital Ink’s Managing Director, Jamie Lowndes.