How to shine with precious print

By Erwin Busselot, Business Innovations & Solutions Director, Graphic Communications Group Ricoh Europe

When you think of gold and silver what comes to mind? Extravagance? Luxury? Wealth? Success?

Their value lies in their rarity. The Royal Mint  states there is 400 billion kg of gold throughout the Earth’s entire crust. For silver there is 7.5 trillion kg.

Their preciousness has shaped their status in time and society. It has given them religious meanings and an association with wealth that is almost as old as time. In ancient Egypt, gold was considered the “flesh of the gods”.

As a material they are used in a huge variety of objects to signify opulence or success including royal and religious objects, jewellery, awards, books, and paintings. They have a functional use in coins, electronic components and technology as well as medicine.

But by being among the few materials that is also a colour, gold and silver are also able to shape perceptions and evoke emotions.

The fascination between the colour or the metal can be hard to distinguish according to Peter Oakley from Great Britain’s Royal College of Arts. As a result, images of wealth and success are automatically and intuitively related to precious metals.

This is exactly the subconscious reaction our new gold and silver toners can invoke.

Developed for the fifth colour station on the Ricoh Pro™ C7200X digital colour sheetfed press, they will enable graphic arts specialists to add a touch of luxury to their print to increase their revenue and attract new clients.

They can enhance any application from catalogues, posters, flyers, direct mail, and brochures to business cards, greetings and Christmas cards, tickets, invitations, certificates, and packaging. They can help differentiate.

Isn’t it time you transformed your business success with luxurious gold and silver?