Sunrise adds a third MPS flexo press after proven success

In August this year, Sunrise located in St. Petersburg, Russia installed their third MPS flexo printing press: a 9-colour EFA 430. To increase production capacity and reduce lead times, the new press will run in tandem with one of two previously installed MPS flexo presses of a similar configuration.

The installation was led by technical specialists from Ogard, the Russian representative of MPS Systems. The fully automated, servo-driven flexographic EFA machine has a print width of 430 mm and is designed for printing self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging.

Press features include a proprietary automatic print control system (APC) on each of the nine printing units, UV dryers, a movable in-register laminator unit, the MPS web turner bar with multilayer label printing modules, delam/relam unit, as well as a double-sided web cleaning system, corona treatment and a Quick Change Die-cutting station.

More efficient equipment for increased production capacity

Elena Ikonnikova, commercial director of Sunrise said: ‘As part of our strategy to increase orders, we needed to upgrade our production capacity by switching to more efficient equipment. Back in August 2020, we decided to purchase a new printing machine. Main criteria were high reliability, maximum automation, interchangeability, and high quality service.

‘We considered several offers from different suppliers, however, after weighing all the options and considering our many years of positive experience in operating MPS machines, we decided for another MPS press in a fully automated configuration.’

The MPS EFA is a high-performance and highly automated flexographic servo-driven inline printing and finishing press designed for printing on polymer rolls and paper self-adhesive materials, aluminum foil, thin monofilms and even light cardboard. The robust, reliable design of the machine ensures stable registration, and any deviations in the printing and finishing process are automatically monitored and corrected.

With full automation, the EFA can quickly change orders with the proprietary Automated Print Control system (APC), which automatically sets the desired pressure settings (anilox to plate, plate to substrate). The Job Memory function allows to save all job settings and the possibility to quickly load them during similar orders, resulting in significant time-savings in makeready and reduction in set-up waste.