NUtec Digital Ink’s UV LED range grows with Ruby R20-HYB addition

NUtec Digital Ink is expanding its range of UV-curable inks optimised for LED lamp curing with the addition of the Ruby R20-HYB ink.

The Ruby R20-HYB ink is a general purpose, fast curing, hybrid UV-curable ink designed for rigid or roll-to-roll applications and is optimised for LED curing.

The R20-HYB formulation is designed for compatibility across a broad range of printer models using Ricoh® MH5420/5440 Gen 5; Ricoh® MH5220 Gen 5s and Kyocera® KJ4A printheads and performs well in a demanding, high speed printing environment.

Featuring a superior colour gamut for brighter, more vivid images, the Ruby R20-HYB UV-curable ink is ideal for both indoor signage and outdoor advertising and is offered in 1L bottles in CMYK and light colours.

This latest development in NUtec Digital Ink’s product offering fulfils an increasing demand for more environmentally-sensitive solutions, as LED lamp curing is considerably less energy-intensive with a smaller carbon footprint than traditional or conventional lamp curing.