The new FusionPro by Ricoh makes targeted communications fast and easy

Ricoh has made it easier and faster to create highly targeted and personalised customer communications with an enhanced version of FusionPro.

The product integrates with Adobe InDesign and Acrobat for a seamless plug-and-play interface that offers flexible VDP document creation from almost any design file that can be converted to PDF.

– Easily convert richly formatted static text in a PDF file into variable frames, removing the need to import the variable frames from InDesign;

– Add partial transparency effects to images and text, delivering further design options;

– Add multiple data sources and filter data through a new user interface to simplify the management of primary and secondary data files;

– Manage variable frames and visibility through groups of actions to save time adding design rules and functionality; and

– Access new template wizards to build fully functionality tables, removing the need for Java script coding.

Craig Lewis, Head of Enterprise Printing at Ricoh Europe, says: ‘McKinsey research found that targeted communications can drive revenue growth of 10% to 30%. These newest FusionPro enhancements help businesses of all sizes easily create impactful targeted messaging by continuing to remove complexity and costs from the process.’