Five great reasons to attend The GAPP Awards black carpet gala event

The GAPP Awards gala event, set to take place at Emperors Palace on 25 March, offers so many benefits – both tangible and intangible – that it will be well worth your while to book a table and attend this prestigious event, especially since it only takes place once every second year and is the largest industry event in Africa.

Without a doubt, oftentimes we are all so busy that we have the tendency to ignore most events on the industry’s calendar, so why should this be treated any different? If this is a question that you are asking yourself, then read on to find out why you cannot afford to miss “The Event” that overshadows all other events from within the commercial printing, signage and packaging manufacturing sectors.

REASON ONE: Prominence and recognition begins with a black carpet walk for all

While winners have worked particularly hard to gain recognition for the prestigious Award that they will be honoured with during the ceremony, The GAPP Awards also serves as a reminder that all companies are part of something that is a lot bigger than themselves; that they produce work and are part of an industry to be proud of; and that together, they don’t only celebrate each other’s victories but that they also challenge and motivate one other to raise the bar, to strive towards accomplishing more and to persevere through the challenges that they are faced with every day.

It is an event that encourages you to acknowledge and claim pride of place for the contribution that you make towards this industry. It is for this reason that the gala event is open to all industry members, in fact, we highly recommend that you book a table and attend this auspicious occasion.

At The GAPP Awards, you and representatives from your company are the stars of this affair. Guests will take a walk on The GAPP Awards’ signature black carpet, while our team of professional photographers and videographers will work with you to immortalise the moment with the content that they create. This content will be made available after the event, which winners can then use to promote their achievements for several months thereafter.

This spectacular black tie event is both fun and memorable. Many even give their key clients a night they won’t forget, by bringing them along to one of our Awards gala events. Not only will they be wined and dined, but you will have the opportunity to make an impression by showcasing your hosting skills.

REASON TWO: Don’t miss any opportunity where you can talk about your company and the products/services that you offer

Every opportunity to promote your company and the products or services that you offer means more visibility and the opportunity to bring in more business.

While winners of an award will be invited on stage to accept their trophies and certificates, with the trophy being something of substance that they will want to display and keep forever, you however are also able to generate positive exposure for your organisation, through being part of this outstanding and electrifying awards celebration.

Raise your profile by posting about the event on your social media pages on the night and beyond, and let the world know you were part of this glittering gala event.

REASON THREE: Reward your team and build your employer brand

Your team will think Christmas and New Year have come early! Why not reward team members for their commitment and hard work with a night of exceptional food and drinks, entertainment and dancing at this world-class event?

After the challenges brought about by the pandemic, your staff may be suffering from Covid fatigue or just feeling downright pessimistic – what a great way to remind your employees about what’s good about your company and why they are proud to be part of it, while giving them something to be excited about and to look forward to. This in turn will increase the levels of productivity and optimism within your business, as well as foster a sense of achievement among them.

This is great in the here and now, but it also means that you will be building your employer brand, which will help attract new talent to your company.

REASON FOUR: Network with industry peers – you never know who you’ll meet today or need tomorrow

We live and work in a time of rapid and unprecedented change. Widening the circle of people you know through networking fosters deeper learning and broadens your exposure across a range of business issues and opportunities. You’ll benefit faster from exposure to their thinking, the problems they’ve solved, the mistakes they’ve made, their best practices and innovative ideas – and also the people that they know.

Attendees often tell us that they met people at the ceremony with whom they were able to build business relationships, alliances or partnerships.

REASON FIVE: It’s an industry Award – from the world’s largest to some of the smallest startups will be attending – so should you

The event is open to all sized companies as well as individuals from all walks of life, with representatives from some of the world’s largest organisations to some of the smallest startups attending previous Awards gala events, so you have absolutely no reason not to attend.

There will be limited tables available, so keep an eye out for future updates in order to stay abreast with when bookings have opened and how you can go about reserving your place at the much anticipated The GAPP Awards 2022 gala event. For more information email