Baldwin to showcase Complete Solution for security print at the Banknote & Currency Conference

Baldwin Vision Systems will present its complete printing and inspection solution at the Banknote & Currency Conference, February 21-24 in Washington D.C., USA.

The Complete Solution can be any combination of feeders (roll or sheet), vacuum tables, inspection systems, inkjet printers, UV ink curing systems, reject gates and bins, sheet stackers, and real-time monitoring and reporting tools. Besides Baldwin Vision Systems, optional solution components are joined together through partnerships with industry-leading suppliers to create a world-class solution.

Gerry Stanford, Baldwin’s Global Sales Leader for Security Print, comments: ‘Our Complete Solution provides security printers the ability to improve quality, manage defects and add value to their product. Printers can also prevent future waste by monitoring and improving their processes with valuable performance data in hand.’

For advanced defect detection, Baldwin Vision Systems provides the Guardian PQV 100% Print Inspection. These state-of-the-art camera systems can be mounted on one or both sides of the product to perform 100% print quality inspection, verify variable data and inspect the most challenging security print features. The system offers lighting options for all materials and substrates, and for special applications including holograms, covert serialisation, covert security features and more. The Guardian PQV can also be retrofit to existing presses, machines and transports.

As part of a data-connected defect management workflow, the Guardian PQV is a feature-rich inline defect detection system that enables printers to find and remove defects quickly—and monitor their processes to prevent defects from occurring again or repeatedly. Guardian PQV provides complete print quality verification from prepress through production, reporting and archiving for perfect runs.

‘What makes our Solution unique in the industry,’ according to Erwin Wagner, Baldwin’s Global Sales Manager for Security Print, ‘is that you can work with Baldwin as a single source for a complete solution with components from the best technology manufacturers in our industry. With the modular and highly configurable nature of the Solution, printers can start with an arrangement that meets today’s business needs and budget, and easily upgrade and expand to accommodate future requirements.’