Considerations for nutraceutical packaging

Packaging-driven innovations including on-the-go formats, pre-measured and single-use doses have brought convenience to the growing nutraceuticals market. Nutraceuticals or functional foods include products such as dietary supplements and fortified foods that offer abundant health benefits.

When it comes to packaging for nutraceuticals, how the product is offered and used by the consumer is important. Because nutraceuticals come in an array of forms – liquid, powder, tablets and capsules, to name a few, brand owners have many packaging options to consider. These include plastic jars, canisters and bottles for supplements, and glass bottles for capsules, liquids, tablets, and powders. Dosage cups, measuring spoons or scoops also need to be considered.

From buying preferences, we know that consumers want easy-to-read instructions, child-safe features, single-use packaging options and blister packs.

Flexible packaging for nutraceuticals

A popular option in the nutraceutical market is the use of flexible packaging, which allows for protection from oxidation, moisture, dehydration, microbes, bacteria and other threats to product integrity. Flexible packaging is also lightweight and can save space, which adds to the product’s value when it comes to storage and transportation.

Smartdate X65-128 Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Designed for wide format printing applications, the SmartDate X65-128 from Markem-Imaje and available locally from Pyrotec PackMark, delivers high-resolution coding on flexible film packaging as fast as 400ppm. Its printhead characteristics make it ideal for wide messages such as ingredients and nutritional coding.

Its fully intuitive 10.1” user interface makes daily operations easy and straightforward while providing the most valuable information you need to optimise and improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) through MI Sigma reporting.

Its main benefits include:

– Extended performance

– Up to 128mm x 500mm printing area capacity with twice the amount of variable print versus a standard coder, thus reducing costs

– Efficiency

– Minimised time and effort as it prints multiple codes on multi-lane packaging lines on demand, quickly and efficiently

– Code quality is ensured

– Automatic printhead setup that optimises printhead lifetime and allows for dead-dot monitoring.

– Superior printing speeds

– Print speed can be set from 10mm to 700mm/sec allowing for more than 400 printed packs per minute at 300 dpi