All4Labels launches the STAR Portfolio to achieve best-in-class sustainability performance

All4Labels Global Packaging Group, one of the world’s leading label and packaging companies, is ready to achieve best-in-class sustainability performance by launching STAR, an eco-innovative portfolio of products, services and solutions.

The STAR Portfolio will be progressively released to the market in the second half of 2022 to offer customers an exclusive range of completely recyclable, reusable and renewable products, which will be complemented with unique solutions and services to promote and enable recyclability. This is a key step to support the employment of materials with recycled content, closing the loop and empowering circularity across the entire value chain.

Adrian Tippenhauer, CEO at All4Labels said, ‘As a result of our ongoing efforts towards the delivery of sustainable products and services, we are launching the STAR Portfolio to let our commitment in this field perfectly match with the needs of our customers and of our planet. We are a reliable partner for every organisation that is looking for sustainable, innovative and digital solutions capable of contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while maintaining the highest quality standards.’

Massimiliano Martino, CTO at All4Labels added, ‘We continue to innovate so as to best serve our customers with the highest levels of quality, performance, and eco-friendliness, while being committed to deliver the most positive impact when it comes to sustainability. We are pleased and proud to launch STAR, which is the result of our extensive investments in research, development and modern production technologies.’

The STAR Portfolio includes Star Products and Star Services for multiple labelling and packaging applications:

– Star Services will support sustainability across the entire value chain

– Star Products will support and enable full recyclability, while utilising reusable and renewable materials.

All4Labels considers the development and launch of the STAR Portfolio a key step in taking sustainability to the next level for the entire label and packaging industry, as well as for its customers. The company will continue to invest in order to continuously enhance the STAR portfolio.

Gabriela Neves Ferri, Vice President R&D and Sustainability at All4Labels concluded, ‘It is essential to keep on investing in research and development to deliver the most innovative products and services, considering not only the materials, but also the footprint that the entire production process leaves on the planet. Our aim is to satisfy all the sustainability challenges of brand owners, retailers and regulators, with a wide range of top quality and environmentally friendly solutions.’