Kemtek Imaging Systems launches Rebo Systems SMS-R1 label and sign printer

Led by Clinton Church, Product Manager at Rebo Systems via livestream from his office in Belgium, Kemtek Imaging Systems launched the SMS-R1 label and sign printer on 20 July to the Southern African market.

The SMS-R1 is a high speed, easy to use sign and label thermal transfer printer that incorporates a wealth of time and money saving features. Capable of printing up to 14 different colours at 300dpi and cutting out any shape at up to 300mm/s, the versatility of the R1 makes it a cost saving production tool and an on-demand solution.

You can produce one, multiples of one or even multiples of varied sizes and coloured signs or labels in one fast process. Print lengths can range from of minimum of 10mm and go up to a maximum length of 10m, and prints up to maximum width of 100mm, with the maximum cut width being 105mm. It has its own unique and independent driver, which allows you to use your own preferred software to create designs.

This multi-colour printer will allow any industry to create essential signs and labels when wanted, in the quantity required and at the best possible cost. As a product with its unique cutting function, labels can be produced in a myriad range of special shapes so even low volume, bespoke labels are on-hand in minutes.

Features include:


The Auto-Feed™ technology is designed to let you load the tape rolls with ease. When you’re loading the tape inside the SMS-R1 it will automatically detect it and will run it through to the starting position of your print job.

Ribbon saving technology

The SMS-R1 senses when the ribbon isn’t required and will not feed in a print process, giving enhanced cost savings over other systems currently available.

Dust-free design

Its closed design keeps the whole production contained within the unit to stop contamination of the material and the print head – preventing failed print outs and needless waste.

Animated colour command touch screen

Gives clear user prompts using concise graphics – all from the SMS-R1 itself and not confined to the screen of the PC driving the system. Clear colour change prompts guarantee minimised wastage.

Slide-in cassettes

Ribbon cassettes slide conveniently into the side of the SMS-R1 – and are automatically ejected. No clumsy lids to open and close – no time consuming manual placement.

Automatic tape & ribbon recognition

The SMS-R1 will automatically detect which colour tape and/or ribbon is being loaded and how much material there is left. The system will not start printing if any of the required materials are insufficient.

Overlaminate function

The system will pause after printing, allowing a clear laminate to be placed over the labels, then it will continue to cut – delivering extra durability and protection.