Intamarket Graphics: Your Complete Solutions Supplier

With over 45 years’ experience in the industry, Intamarket Graphics has become the distributor of choice and a “Complete Solutions Supplier” to the South African Graphics and Signage market. The company has branches in South Africa’s three metropolises, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, as well as a developing footprint into the SADEC region.

Traditionally a supplier of print and signage related consumables and aligned with its “Complete Solutions Provider” vision, Intamarket Graphics has developed an extensive range of hardware to complement its consumables portfolio. Drawing upon a wellspring of industry knowledge that has been accumulated over the years, Intamarket has assembled a superb array of blue chip suppliers and today it represents major brands such as Avery Dennison, Mactac, 3M, Kemica, Chemica, IPB, Nudec, Roland, Stratojet, Fulei, Neschen, Intec, IEcho, Bigzee and Miller Weldmaster, amongst others.

Gavin Turner, Managing Director at Intamarket says, ‘to remain relevant we need to constantly evolve whist not losing focus on what was our traditional business. To do this we have brought industry experts on to our team to drive the new sectors of our company. As we have a reason to regularly engage with our customers, we feel that we are best situated to quickly identify and understand their needs and desires.’

Gavin adds that the company is uncompromising when it comes to the quality of the products that it supplies and places the utmost value on relationships that have been forged with both its suppliers and customers. ‘As we have seen our relationship with suppliers grow, we have also walked alongside many customers as they have grown, providing technical support and taking care of their expanding needs. We realise that most people have a natural loyalty to brands and to a supplier, and as they expand from a small vinyl cutting shop right up to a large print house, we’d like to ensure that we remain their preferred supplier.’

Driven by its desire to supply every avenue in every aspect of the Industry including adjacencies, Intamarket Graphics looks at any opportunities that it encounters on a daily basis. Additionally, it hasn’t limited itself to the old school mindset of “that’s not what we do”. Gavin says that Covid-19 created opportunities; opportunities to think outside the box and to survive through a difficult period.

He explains, ‘We cater to the needs of our client base. If a customer asks, ‘Can you do this?’ or ‘Can you get this?’ we hate to say no, so we get stuck in and find a solution. We are watching market trends all the time and closely monitor the needs that are emerging in the marketplace.’ Gavin says that the company is constantly evolving. He uses the example of the Intec range that it currently supplies, which wasn’t something that was previously considered, but through the pandemic, it opened a door and that door has opened into so many avenues for the business.

On the topic of its evolution, Intamarket Graphics is actively working on expanding its footprint both across South Africa and into Africa. This is being done through the roll out of its Intamarket Graphics Express Franchise. Contact Gavin if you are interested in understanding more.

As a company, Intamarket is focused on emerging trends and opportunities being offered in the industry. Through its years of interacting with renowned international manufacturers, it is able to compare and share ideas about what the future may bring, while looking forward and interacting with the market about what it believes will prove to be beneficial to all stakeholders. Without a doubt, Intamarket Graphics has the key to unlock your door when opportunity comes knocking.

Feature article in The GAPP Southern Africa Vol 12 Issue 2