World Packaging Organisation announces Vice Presidents for 2024-2026

World Packaging Organisation President, Luciana Pellegrino, has announced the names of the Vice Presidents that will take part of WPO’s new Executive Team and lead WPO’s Portfolios during her term of office that goes from 2024 to 2026, working closely with her, WPO Members, partner organisations and the market.

‘I am thrilled to announce such a special team of great packaging professionals, each one expert in a different area, and full of energy and inspiration to take WPO’s portfolios beyond. Together we will focus on raising the voice for packaging on a global level,’ says Luciana.

She adds: ‘Counting on Soha Atallah as Vice President for Marketing, an expert in this area, we expect to expand WPO’s participation at shows and conferences globally and, at the same time, to explore packaging as a marketing tool, fostering innovation and sharing packaging trends via webinars and forums.

‘As Vice President of Sustainability & Save Food, Nerida Kelton, also an expert that has been doing outstanding work in this portfolio by building references as the Design for Recycling Guide and Waste Stream map, and now renewing the opportunities to go beyond, will be building more references and sharing knowledge through international conferences.

‘Coming to the Education portfolio, I am thrilled to announce Kofi Essuman as the new Vice President, a packaging expert at packaging companies and brands, as well as a professor. Kofi will lead our education program and training to support WPO’s 63 member countries, which are represented by their national packaging bodies, and having the challenge to go beyond, by expanding courses and training activities.

Last but not least, for my presidency I transformed the 4th portfolio, Conferences, into a new one that must be part of WPO’s pillar: Governance. Magnus Sidling is the Vice President for Governance, also an expert in the packaging field, he will support us on establishing best practices, governance and also building transparent communication with members and the market, building a solid basis for WPO’s growth and the expansion of partnerships.’

As President, Luciana´s management goal is to invite new member countries while also driving WPO closer to strategic market matters, as well as packaging and consumer goods companies. ‘This connection with the industry will allow us to harmonise a global vision for the sector, including the the challenges, opportunities and the vision of the future for packaging and its markets.

Luciana Pellegrino will also count with the support of the General Secretary and Secretariat, respectively, Johannes Bergmair and Nathália Antoniazzi, and also Press & Communication Liaison Officer, Liliam Benzi. An announcement regarding the WPO’s Global Ambassadors will follow soon.