The GAPP Awards 2016

At a glittering formal gala dinner in The Ballroom at Monte Casino, the South African Printing, Packaging and Signage industry turned out on Thursday 20 October in its finery to celebrate The Pinnacle of Excellence in all aspects of printing.

The winners in 34 categories of print ranging from litho through to flexo, signage through to gravure and print design through to environmental considerations were announced to the almost 400 guests assembled to celebrate printing in all its facets. The real hero of the event was print quality as printers in all sectors showed that attention to detail and the drive for quality of the highest calibre is still the primary concern for discerning and conscientious printers.

The GAPP Awards was designed to be an all-encompassing printing competition judging all different types of printing with the aim of promoting print quality and creating a sense of pride in the industry to which we are affiliated. Printing, in all its facets, makes an extremely valuable contribution to the economy of the country and despite the challenges that printing has faced in recent years, is still a viable and essential communications medium.