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Contact Dou Fourie
079 877 6773
Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa
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More Information
Model: 2013
Impression : Count 103 mil

Equiped with:

Preset Plus Feeder
Preset Plus Delivery
Non Stop Feeder
Suction Tape Feeder
Non Stop Delivery
CP 2000
Alcolor Vario
Auto Paper Size Preset
Auto Blanket wash
Auto Imp. Cyl Wash
Auto Roller wash
Ink Temp Control
TechnoTrans Combi Cooling
Powder Spray
1st Chamber Coater (L) with Anilox Roller
1st Drying Unit (Y) with IR Dryer
2nd Drying Unit (Y) with Hot Air Dryer
2nd Chamber Coater (L) With Anilox Roller
IST UV Dryer at Extended Delivery
Air Cooled Cabinets
No Interdecks

Price: On requested
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